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Ampac Detection Systems

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Ampac Technologies is the largest independent and privately owned supplier of fire detection and alarm systems in Australia. Ampac specialises in the design, manufacturing and technical support for a complete range of system solutions. We supply systems for a vast variety of applications including commercial and industrial buildings, mines, prisons, hospitals, hotels and multi-residential complexes.

Ampac Technologies operates Australia-wide through a network of branch offices. These offices provide sales and technical support for fire installation & EWIS contractors as well as fire discipline and electrical consulting engineers. We also work with building owners and maintenance engineers to make recommendations for future planning or budgeting. Ampac Technologies is also ISO 9001 accredited.

All products are manufactured to meet the relevant local standards, and are configured to suit each building from a range of basic components, which are assembled and tested prior to shipment. AMPAC's customers cable the buildings, install the products, obtain Certificates of Acceptance from the Authorities, and provide on-going system maintenance.

Ampac's products are highly regarded for their simple, low cost installation and maintenance, modular expansion, and ease of use. It is the companies aim to continually provide quality, reliable products at competitive prices.

Ampac's range of products includes:

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Panels, utilising conventional heat and smoke detectors
  • Addressable / Conventional Fire Alarm Panels, can utilise a combination of addressable, and conventional detectors
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems, for audible communications throughout a building during an emergency
  • Ancillary Products include:
  1. Heat and smoke detectors
  2. Fire Suppression Systems
  3. Aspirating Smoke Detection
  4. Local alarm panels
  5. Door Holders
  6. Manual call points
  7. Visual warning lights and signs
  8. Bells, sounders and sirens
  9. Graphical Monitoring

Detection & MCPs

Ampac offer an extensive range of Intelligent and Conventional fire detection devices. Intelligent devices are generally connected together to form a loop configuration circuit terminating at the Control Panel. Each device incorporates a unique address which is interpreted by the Control Panel to accurately identify the zone and location of the alarm event. Intelligent Audio Visual Signalling equipment, also located within the loop circuit, can be operated through cause and effect strategy to allow compliance to evacuation procedures.

Conventional smoke devices are connected together in a radial circuit configuration terminating at the Control Panel, with each circuit representing a geographical fire compartment zone within the building. Conventional Audio Visual equipment is also connected to radial circuits which can be independently controlled by the Control Panel.

Audio Visual & Interfaces

Ampac offers a wide range of Intelligent Audio Visual (AV) signalling devices for use in conjunction with its range of intelligent and conventional detectors and control panels. A versatile and functional range offering a huge choice for any application.

Fire Control Panels

Ampac has developed an extensive range of fire detection control and indicating panels to cater for the Australian market. The range available consists of both conventional and addressable technology whilst incorporating a common look and feel that is aesthetically pleasing. A full range of optional Add-ons is also available enabling each control panel to be customised to suite any project requirement.

Alarm Systems

Ampac has designed and developed a comprehensive range of Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems.

The EV3000 is a multi-zone Emergency Warning and Intercom System designed for the purpose of enabling the orderly evacuation of occupants, from a building or structure, in the event of an emergency. The system comprises of two main sub-systems, the Emergency Warning System (EWS) and the Emergency Intercom System (EIS). The Emergency Warning System incorporates zone amplifiers and speakers which are distributed throughout the building to provide audible warning to occupants. The Emergency Intercom System consists of Warden Intercom Phones strategically placed throughout the building. Additional Paging Consoles and Visual warning devices can also be connected to the EV3000. The system is ideal for medium to high scale installation projects.

For the smaller to medium scale installation projects, Occupant Warning Systems (OWS) can be incorporated within the Ampac range of Fire Control and Indicating panels, such as ZoneSense PLUS, LoopSense and FireFinder.


Ampac offers a wide range of Intelligent Ancillary devices for use in conjunction with its range of intelligent and conventional detectors and control panels. A versatile and functional range offering a huge choice for any application.

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