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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Aviation Fire & Safety Systems


About Aviation Fire Systems Australia  

"AFSA"  Aviation Fire Systems Australia is a subsidiary division of Fire System Services Pty Ltd. 
AFSA was developed to provide aircraft sustainment in the field of Fire Safety and Life Support Services.  
The company skill sets for aircraft sustainment is testing and maintenance of the following equipment:

  • Aircraft Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
  • Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Aircraft Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Aircraft Oxygen Life Support Systems
  • Aircraft Inflation Devices

In addition, we are also able to assist with our sister company National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services in providing service in the realm of structural pressure testing, Our workshop capabilities allow us to provide a quality service in relation to hydrostatic pressure testing. Our expertise allows us to obtain extremely accurate testing from .05mpa / 500kpa / 5bar up to 1000mpa / 100,000kpa / 1,000bar.

Explanation of an Aircraft Fire Extinguishing System




If you would like to know more about Aviation Fire Safety please go to our Resource Videos Page


Quality Assured Test Gauges

Precise Test Measurements:
Why is it important to place emphasis on test pressures, items that have been overstretched (over pressurised) can be prone to failure. it's critical to know that the pressure being achieved are with in Manufacturers Test Specifications.
Data Logging:
Using Quality Assured test gauges such as Crystal Engineering XP2i Gauges, this allows the test station to be able to data log into the test gauge. This will give the client test certificates which helps meets all their airworthiness certification.


Aviation Cylinder Testing Frequencies

NB: information obtained from Aerospace Turbine Rotables Inc,  USA
What are the testing intervals and life limits?
Intervals vary by bottle type and manufacture, as well as by airframe application. The following simplified chart of the current DOT published requirements follows:

Require your Aviation Oxygen Cylinders Tested or Cleaned?

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Inflation Cylinders

workshop activities also include testing and refilling inflation cylinders such as Co2/Nitrogen life raft cylinders and also high pressure 4500psi helium composite cylinders used on helicopter emergency inflation skids.   



Apart from aviation cylinders, the station is called upon to conduct structural testing to hydraulic fluid lines which are fitted upon aircraft.   

Workshop Capabilities

Other capabilities include testing of:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Inflation Cylinders
  • LPG Hot Air Balloon Cylinders
  • Pressure Accumulators
  • Pressure Vessels 
  • Oxygen Cylinders 

Project Show Case

POB Ejection Seats - we were asked to look at testing and cleaning Oxygen Cylinders that was associated with ejection seating.  

POB Ejection Seats

Clients who use our services 












  • Australian Aerospace
  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing Defence Australia 
  • CHC Helicopters
  • Horsham Aviation
  • Pulse Aero
  • RAAF
  • Raytheon Australia