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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment


Certification with in the field of building essential services is crucial in today's times. Here at Fire System Services we offer various solutions to help you keep on track with you maintenance requirements and building certification.
As per AS1851 - 2012, the certificate (documentation) is required to have the following information.

  1. Date of service
  2. Site Address
  3. Type of equipment being inspected
  4. Equipment Manufacture Date 
  5. Location of equipment
  6. Identification of equipment being serviced
  7. Service level carried out
  8. For pressurised cylinders ie fire extinguishers next hydrostatic pressure test date, (in line with AS2337) 
  9. Persons name who carried out the service
  10. Persons signature who carried out the service
  11. Comments for non compliance, or equipment pass or fail.   

In addition, In Accordance with AS1851 section Where there are more than 10 portable fire extinguishers located on or in a property a fire register is required.
Fire System Services offer a service were we asses a site and set up a fire register.

To View Example click below

Fire Equipment Register HeaderFire Equipment Register

Upon completion of service, Fire System Services technician will provide you with a Certificate of Inspection containing a report of all equipment inspected & serviced indicating the next five yearly hydrostatic pressure test dates, along with any comments, recommendations ,non compliance or repairs required.


Form 2 & 3 certificates

We are regualry called upon from building owners or property manager to fill in Councils Form 2 & 3 certificates.
Example of a Form 3 certificate 



Test Station Certificate


Clients wanting a certificate for cylinders or other items which require pressure testing, we are able to issue a detailed report all in one certifcate in a PDF format.     

Example of cylinder test certificate












Clients who require a data log report for the hydrostatic test for Quality Assourance.

Example of a data log certficate