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Cylinder Liquid Level Testing

   Portalevel Liquid Level Testing

Fire System Services runs a service division for Ultrasonic Liquid Level Testing various gas traffics in cylinders.  

The Portalevel Max ultrasonic liquid level tester is designed to assist the fire technician to check various gas traffics in cylinders ranging from CO2, FM200, NAF S III, and other replacment liquids of gaseous extinguishants quickly and simply without having to weigh the cylinders. Hence reducing the costs to the owners of having to bring in expensive lifting and weighting equipment. 

The Portalevel Max identifies liquids levels in cylinders, and single-skinned vessels up to 1" (25mm) wall thickness.  

Portalevel Max Demonstration

Please view the operating video which we have prepared for you. This cylinder is 106 litre water capacity with a NOVEC™ 1230 fill weight of 79 KG

Portalevel Max Operational Demonstration  


Naf S - III 3 Cylinder Liquid Level Testing