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Dry Chemical Powder


Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
MSDS Dry Chemical ABE
MSDS Dry Chemical BE
MSDS Nitrogen

Multipurpose ABE powder is a versatile extinguishant which is used to extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) fires achieved by sealing burning embers, it is also used on Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class E (electrical) fires.

Advantages: Powder provides a rapid 'knock-down' for a range of fires types. When dry it may be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages: On discharge, the extinguisher forms a dense cloud of powder which may temporarily restrict vision and may cause respiratory irritation. AB(E) powder, when it contacts very hot objects, can melt and form a film which may be difficult to remove. After initial 'knock-down', it gives no protection against re-ignition of flammable liquid fires. While B(E) powder is not effective on class A fires, AB(E) powder is not effective on fires involving cooking oils and fats.

Sizes Available: 
1.0kg with hose and wrap around bracket 
with hose and wrap around bracket
2.5kg with hose and wrap around bracket
4.5kg with hose and wall bracket
9.0kg with hose and wall bracket