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EasyOut Soft Collapsable Bushfire Fighting Knapsack


The bag is constructed from UV resistant thermo-welded PVC canvas with synthetic yarns. For Additional strength a double bottom is used to re-enforce the bag and a breakwater division is used to reduce the movement of water.

In the event of accidental puncture the bag can be repaired using double patching and two pack contact adhesive.

The large 100mm filler opening (with optional removable strainer) allows for easy filling. The polythene lid seals the bag by incorporating a large 'O' ring in it's design.

The double action hand pump is machined from brass and is chrome plated for durability. The fully adjustable "Tommy Gun" handle allows for better comfort and grip. The spray pattern can be easily adjusted from straight jet to fog by a simple twist action of the nozzle. Most importantly the hand pumps requires minimal parts and no tools to overhaul. Although a full range of spare parts and accessories are available, only 'O' rings are required for normal servicing of the hand pump and they are available anywhere.


  • Tank Capacity : 15 - 16 liters
  • Dimensions : 600mm high x 480mm wide
  • Filling Mouth : 100mm water tight cap
  • Hand Pump : Double Action
  • Flow : 120cc per stroke
  • Straight Jet : 8 meters
  • Fog Jet : 3 meters