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Emergency Showers & Eye Wash Stations

FSS Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Stations Information Sheet
Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Stations FAQ
Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Weekly & Annual Maintenance Check List 

Fire System Services also provides maintenance services for emergency showers & eye wash stations. By conducting regular maintenance of emergency showers and eye wash stations you may rest assure that the equipment will operate when required.

Secondly by maintaining the equipment this will prevent the build up of calciums and minerals around the outlets to prevent further injuries to eyes when using the stations.
If not maintained calcium deposits build up on the stations and deposits can be flushed onto the eyes causing further injuries.


Furthermore this 6 monthly maintenance can be carried out at the same time the 6 monthly fire safety maintenance is performed within the building.        


Portable Emergency Shower / Eye Wash Station


Fire System Services offers a service for portable showers / eye wash stations.
It is critical that these units are checked for operation, flushed out and the potable water replaced on a yearly basis. This prevents the build up of any calcium and sediments into the system.

In addition as portable units are a pressurised cylinder, these cylinders are required to undergo a hydrostatic pressure test on a 10 yearly basis in accordance with Australian Standard AS2030.5 2009