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Exit Emergency Lighting Inspection & Maintenance

Exit & Emergency Lighting, Stanilite

FSS Exit Light Information Sheet

Fire System Services provides maintenance services for exit & emergency lighting systems. In accordance with Australian Standards 2293.2 emergency lighting systems are required to be certified periodically by conducting a 90 minute battery discharge test on a 6 monthly basis.

This test certifies that all the exit & emergency lights are functional and batteries sustain their charge for 90 minutes during a power black out or building fire. We offer a full backup service where the light fittings can be tested, maintained and repaired in the field, or returned to our workshop for bench testing.


When was the last time your emergency and exit lights were tested?

Whether it be testing of your exit and emergency lighting, the replacement of batteries or the replacement or new install of light fittings we’ve got your business covered.

Emergency and exit lighting is also available in energy efficient and reliable LED fittings.

We supply a full range of Nickle Cadmium battery packs and Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

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Exit or Running Man Diffusers

Answers relating to changing diffusers from exit to running man.
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Changing from exit to running man