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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment


Fire System Services is able to supply, install and maintain FirePro aerosol suppression systems.   

FirePro aerosol systems is Ozone Friendly - Cost Effective - Gas System Alternative. It uses no high pressure cylinders, no pipework, does not require expensive maintenance procedures and is suitable for all types of risk.  FirePro has been evaluated and verified as conforming with the requirements of
AS 4487-2013 Condensed Aerosol fire Extinguishing Systems.

Systems main characteristics:

  • Complies to AS 4487 Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Complies to AS 5062 Fire Protection for Mobile Plant & Transportable Equip.
  • Autonomous and Automatic
  • Compatible to any conventional alarm / detection system.
  • Space and weight saving.
  • Activated electrically or thermally. Suitable for A, B, E  fires.
  • The coolant is a natural mineral.
  • Does not contain pyrotechnic material.
  • Subject to lower maintenance costs compared to pressurised systems.
  • Fail-safe activation system ensures operation, even if everything else fails.
  • Has a long operational life.


FirePro Technology

FirePro systems use the latest generation of our patented FPC solid compound that is the pinnacle of many years of research and development. When activated the FPC solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding extremely effective and efficient fire extinguishing condensed aerosol.
The aerosol is propagated and evenly distributed in the enclosure under protection using the momentum generated during the transformation process. Unlike gaseous agents, the total flooding effect is achieved without increasing the pressure in the protected area/volume. Fire extinguishing is accomplished by the interruption of the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame and not by the depletion of oxygen and/or cooling as suggested by the traditional triangle of fire.


FirePro Products



Building & Equipment

  • Electrical Panels &Cabinets
  • Generators & Plant Equipment
  • Raised Floor Spaces
  • Suspended Ceiling Spaces
  • Computer, Data, & Communications Rooms
  • Archive Storage & Warehousing 
  • Electrical Sub-Stations
  • Wind Turbines
  • Historical Building


  • Leisure Vessels
  • Commercial Vessels
  • Engine Rooms
  • Machinery Spaces


  • Cars
  • Truck Engine Compartments
  • Bus Engine Compartments
  • Heavy Vehicles


General FirePro Brochure 
Brochure Product Specifications



FirePro Introduction 

Fuel Fires

Firepro Small Cabinet Cartridge Test

Firepro System Demo Test

FirePro System Design - Electrical Cabinet


FirePro System Design - IT Room 

FirePro System Design - Computer Rack 


Company Certification

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