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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Fire Alarm & Detection System Maintenance

FSS Fire Alarm Information Sheet

Fire System Services provides comprehensive maintenance services for smoke & fire detection systems incorporating conventional, addressable and EWIS systems. 

In accordance with Australian Standards 1851 section 6, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected on a monthly basis. An annual inspection and test of a percentage of smoke & thermal detectors are also required. This ascertains that the detection and early warning systems are functional.


Smoke Alarm Testing

Fire System Services provides services in testing smoke alarms, no matter if they are 240v, Standalone 10-year battery or connected to a security system.
Investing in regular smoke alarm testing services is insurance that your staff (or tenants) will be alerted if a fire starts in your building. If you don’t have a working smoke alarm installed on your property, you are putting the occupants at risk.

Without functioning alarms…

  • You are 57 percent more likely to suffer property loss and damage
  • Building occupants are 26 percent more likely to suffer serious injuries

How often do I need my smoke alarm tested?

Knowing your obligations is an essential component of fire safety. Aside from ensuring the ongoing safety of your building, Fire System Services can help you make sure you are compliant when it comes to testing requirements. The frequency of your testing obligations will vary based on the nature and location of your building. 

South Australia

  • Homes or rental properties purchased before 1 February 1998 need to have a battery powered alarm. For dwellings purchased on or after this date, 240 volts, mains-powered smoke alarms must be installed OR a 10-year, non-removable battery powered alarm.
  • Dwellings built on or after 1 January 1995 require a 240 volt mains powered alarm.
  • Devices must be compliant with the AS 3786 standard.

Our technicians inspect and test smoke alarms in order to meet the AS 3786 standard for residential devices. For more information about our testing services, contact us today.

Smoke & Air Movement Test 

In addition to testing your smoke detectors, it's vital to know that your existing smoke detection system will function as soon as possible in the event of the early stages of a fire starting, as air movement patterns can vary from build to building this can jeopardize how soon smoke detectors function.  
Our technicians can perform an air movement smoke test within the premises to establish how quickly the current smoke detection system is reacting and if additional smoke detectors might be required within the premises.