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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket

Inspection & Maintenance


FSS Fire Extinguisher Information Sheet  Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Building owners and building occupiers are responsible for providing a safe working environment. Fire System Services can relieve the burden by providing a risk assessment service to determine your fire protection requirements and once this is completed, advise on the placement and types of fire extinguishers required to ensure compliance with relevant Australian Standards.

Why should I choose Fire System Services for fire extinguisher maintenance?

Fire System Services can offer a comprehensive servicing package, which means you can be confident that your fire extinguishers are maintained every six months. Our trained technicians, who are easily identifiable by their uniforms, will regularly visit your premises to ensure that your fire equipment is in proper working order and appropriate to your level of fire risk. In addition, you may rest assured that when the cylinders are due for their 5 yearly pressure test, they will be tested back in our licensed facility.
Cylinder Testing Services

Our fire extinguisher testing service includes an asset management system that takes care of your extinguisher testing records. Your fire protection testing history will be easily accessible so that you can ensure timely testing and refilling of all your fire extinguishers. We provide each of our clients with a fire equipment register that details the status of each device we service. Each item on the report corresponds to the fire extinguisher tagging our technicians conduct on the site.

By establishing a relationship with Fire System Services, you are ensuring compliance for years to come. No need to worry about remembering when your fire safety maintenance services are due next, We will notify you automatically when your next test is due.

How often do I need fire extinguisher maintenance?

According to the AS1851, fire extinguisher test and refill services should occur at the following intervals:

  • All portable and wheeled fire extinguishers need to be tested every 6 months.
  • Pressure testing and refills should be carried out at least once every 5 years.

Records of the tests and their dates should be kept on the metal tag attached to each extinguisher.

Regular Scheduled Programme

As part of a regularly scheduled program, our experienced technicians will:   

  1. Test all equipment and systems in accordance with Australian Standards, see fire regulations.
  2. Repair and replace components where required.
  3. Record all work performed in your site fire equipment log book/register or on a certificate of inspection.   

Fire Blanket Servicing 

Fire Blankets are an essential safety item in any kitchen, whether it is domestic or commercial. They provide an effective option for containing Class F Fires and extinguishing clothing fires.

In addition to your kitchen fire extinguishers, all fire blankets are required to be inspected and certified on a six monthly basis in accordance with Australian Standards 1851 section 11. 

Our technicians will:

  • Check the location of the fire blanket is appropriate for the kitchen.
  • The fire blanket is the correct size for the stove burners and people working within the kitchen.
  • Appropriate fire blanket signage is visible. 
  • The fire blanket is in good working condition.  


YES, we service, test & refill ALL BRANDS of fire extinguishers.