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Fire Hose Reel Foam Kit


The BFM & BMFA hose reel foam nozzle is a simple foam branchpipe with foam pick up capability. 
Available in 3% or 6% proportioning, with 6% being standard.

The BFM & BFMA is designed for use with AFFF and other low expansion AFFF type fire fighting foams. The BFM & BFMA is well suited for use with Class A or bush fire foams but special proportioning rates are required. The BFM & BMFA nozzles can also be used with Alcohol Resistant AFFF such but this must be advised when purchasing.

In addition you can replace the BFM & BFMA foam branch with the fire hose reel nozzle. This allows you to switch between the applications of using water or foam via the Schwartz couplings.

BFM - Plastic  Fabrication (Yellow Branch Pipe)
BFMA - Anodised Aluminium Fabrication (Blue Branch Pipe) 



Product Information

BFM Fire Hose Reel Foam Branch Nozzle

BFMA Fire Hose Reel Foam Branch Nozzle