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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Fire Safety Audits

Fire System Services provides a service conducting comprehensive fire safety audits with detailed reporting.

Our Assessors hold the following  certification: B App Sc (BTech - Uni SA)., Lic Builder., Dip BEnv (Uni SA)., Post Grad Dip Property (Uni SA) ., Certificate 2 in Fire Technology (FPA)

These Audits are extreamly helpful if you require a detailed report of the condition of your property.  

Audits including the following:

  • Egress
  • Exit & emergency Lighting
  • Above Ceiling Compartmentation
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Fire and Smoke Doors
  • Fire and Smoke detection layouts 
  • Fire Proofing and Sealing

Above ceiling Inspection relating to fire proofing and compartmentation

Pic 1 no fire proofing
Pic 2 no compartmentation
Pic 3 electricals cables not protected  
Pic 4 no above ceiling compartmentation 

Egress Inspection relating to paths of travel, exit lighting, build up of rubbish creating a fire hazard

Pic 1 no exit light above main exit door
Pic 2 fire extinguishers not mounted or sign posted 
Pic 3 non operation exit sign 
Pic 4 building up of rubbish under a non fire rated stair case  

Fire Proofing relating of fire collars, fire caulking

Pic 1 no fire collars
Pic 2 no fire collars
Pic 3 holes need fire caulking