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Fire Sprinkler System Inspection & Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler System, Water

FSS Sprinkler System Information Sheet

Whether it's about protecting your residential building, warehouse or office tower, sprinklers are both fire detection and control systems rolled into one. Thereby the most effective fire suppression system available.

Fire System Services will assess your property's unique needs, providing detailed designs suited to your building and local safety standards requirements.
Looking at the building's functionality, occupancy, spatial area and level of fire risk, Fire System Services engineers will tailor your sprinkler system to your property's precise needs.

If it is maintenace that you require, Fire System Services runs and operates a fire sprinkler service division, ranging from monthly inspections through to annual sprinkler testing including annubar flow testing, certification of systems and wall wetting systems, to five yearly system overhauls.
All work is in accordance with AS1851 section 2.