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Hand Held Sirens


The SHH (alloy construction) and the SHHP (plastic construction), are light hand held sirens perfect for use in office, school, domestic, camping/hiking and marine applications. When the handle is wound the siren makes a typical “air raid” style sound, lower pitch if rotated slower and higher if rotated faster with a finger control for volume control.

The hand wound operation means that siren is always ready for use: requires no batteries or electrical power. The operation is simple with little or no training required.

Cast aluminium and moulded plastic versions which are available to suit the requirements of robustness for heavy or light use or weight for ease of carrying and for smaller users such as children. A storage/carry case is provided with each unit.

Rated 105-110dB @ 1mt
Weighs 0.7Kg Plastic & 1.2Kg Alloy