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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Services


1. Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

The hydrostatic pressure testing rig is designed to hydrostatic test cylinders and other devices whilst also reading the volumetric expansion of the cylinder.

If Quality Assured certification is required we are able to data log the test and print out the hydrostatic test results. (view crystal digital test gauges below)   

The rig is capable of testing up to 100,000kpa / 14,500psi / 1,000bar.

Crystal Digital Test Gauges 

Do you require high accuracy with you’re testing requirements?
We have invested in Crystal Digital Test Gauges.
This allows us to work to extremely high accuracy in relation to achieving pressure test results.

In addition if you require proof of the test for Quality Assurance requirements,
The Crystal Digital Test Gauges allows us to Data Log into the gauge to print out test reports.


XP2i Digital Test Gauge Data Logger Data Log Certificate



 See the types of cylinders we are licenced to test 

2. Air Testing Apparatus

The air testing rig has been designed to test with pure breathable air as the test medium.  Occasionally we are asked to proof test or leak test devices with a medium that contains no fluids or moisture.  This apparatus is capable of tests up to 4,000kpa / 580psi / 40bar.
If requested under strictly controlled conditions, at our discretion we may carry out tests up to
40,000kpa / 5,800psi / 400bar.


3. Low Pressure Testing Pumps

Fire System Services has several low-pressure test pumps.  These low-pressure test pumps are fully portable and versatile, making them ideal for Hydrostatically testing cylinders both in the workshop and in the field.  These pumps are capable of testing up to 3,000kpa / 430psi / 30bar.








4. Custom Testing Services

Apart from cylinders, the station is called upon to hydrostatically test & certify various items such as:

  • Hydraulic lines for the aviation industry ie Helicopter Hydraulic Lines
  • Prototype devices designed & manufactured by the DSTO (Weapons Research Division)
  • Devices in use by Department of Defence
  • Various high-pressure hoses for fire fighting applications
  • SCUBA & Hooker air lines
  • Scientific Pressure Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Pipe work

Port Augusta Reticulator - SA Water

Manufacture Date: 1947
Water Content: 7400 litres
Total Weight when full: 10'000 kilos
Test Pressure: 1378kpa / 200psi / 13.78bar
Test Length: 30 minutes


Scientific & Proto Type Pressure Vessels



Water Cooler Modules

Test Pressure: 800kpa / 116psi / 8.0bar
Test Length: 30 minutes 


5. Hose Testing Services

National Hydro provides reliable and accurate testing and repairs to all Gas Delivery Hoses.   

See hose testing services to know more.