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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

National Hydro - 
Pressure Testing & NDT Services


Fire System Services, incorporating National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services, operates and manages an S.A.A. Approved and Licenced Cylinder Test Station Number 720.

The Station tests, services and certifies gas cylinders and equipment.  Well-qualified and experienced staff, who are Approved Signatories, carry out low pressure and high-pressure testing on cylinders, bottles, pressure vessels and fire extinguishers.

As well as fire extinguishers, National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services fills and services most models and types of cylinders. Testing and certification of existing cylinders allows continued use, saving the importation of replacements and achieving reduced scrap or landfill. It is cost effective and good for the environment!
National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services performs water jacket and non-water jacket hydrostatic tests on cylinders for pressures between 0.5 Mpa and 100 Mpa, mass checks on cylinders from 1.0 Kg to 150 Kg and water capacity determinations on cylinders between 1 litre and 100 litres.
Accurate test and inspection results are critical for the success of 
industry, for public health and safety, and for care of the environment. Because National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services has no affiliation with any manufacturer or supplier, clients are assured of unbiased testing, impartial analysis of data and complete confidentiality. 

We Test and Certify:

  • Cylinders from 0.5kg Water Capacity to 3000kg Water Capacity 
  • Home Brewing cylinders
  • Aviation cylinders
  • Automotive and forklift LPG cylinders
  • Industrial high-pressure seamless cylinders for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and other non-poisonous gases
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus including most fibre wrapped cylinders
  • High-pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
  • Life Raft, inflation cylinders
  • Low-pressure foam, water and dry powder fire extinguishers.
  • Paintball cylinders
  • Vehicle Foam Suppression cylinders


Other Services:

  • National Hydro can certify LPG cylinder
  • National Hydro performs pressure testing of liquid and gas hoses and fittings.
  • Non Destructive testing such as Dye Penetrat Testing.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing from 0.5Mpa - 100Mpa.
  • Purge LPG BBQ cylinders as empty, for removal van transport.
  • Disposal of unwated cylinders 
  • Certification of DOT cylinders 


Cylinder Testing Specifications:

Hydrostatic stretch and proof pressure tests using the non-water jacket method for pressures of 0.5Mpa to 100Mpa. 
Pneumatic proof pressure tests using water jacket method for pressures 0.8 Mpa to 4.0 Mpa. 
Internal and external visual examinations as well as Mass and Water capacity checks. 




We have invested in specialised equipment specifically for retesting and refilling various types of pressurised cylinders and other devices our services include:

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