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Lay Flat Fire Hose

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Not all layflat hoses are the same. 

As you may already know, there are many types of layflat hoses available and they may look the same from the outside. The key difference is the working pressure and burst pressure of the hose which determines the materials used, the construction of the hose jacket and the final extrusion process that forms the tough yet flexible, high-tenacity, high working pressure, long-lasting layflat hose.

We are involved in every stage of the manufacturing process, from weaving high tensile strength hose jackets, to TPU thru-the-weave extrusion and final hydrostatic QC testing before shipping to our customers. We manufacture to Australian standards and stand by our quality commitment and warranty.

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Cavalier Hose

Fire Hose with added protection

In environments where chemical or toxic spills may complicate fire fighting efforts, Cavalier Hose has a protective polyurethane cover on the jacket. It is a popular choice for industrial and fire fighting purposes. Apart from being an outstanding fire hose, the Cavalier is a versatile hose that is also suitable for many high and low pressure liquid transfer jobs. Cavalier is a sturdy and hardwearing layflat hose that can be easily stored when not in use. Within industrial settings, normal canvas layflat hose can be damaged by abrasions and chemical contact. Cavalier’s polyurethane jacket protects the cover of the fire hose.


  • mildew resistant due to its synthetic construction
  • maintenance free
  • ready for mounting to a fire truck or other deployment situation
  • can be stored wet
  • UV protection
  • 12 month full replacement warranty
  • Shipped complete with clamps & fittings and shut off nozzle


Rapier Hose

Heavy Duty Fire Hose with Added Protection

Rapier is a popular choice with both fire brigades and industrial plant fire protection. It is a high pressure Type 3 fire hose, which is manufactured with an extruded synthetic rubber cover. This extruded cover protects the hose against abrasion and chemical damage.

This woven fire hose is made from polyester with a synthetic rubber lining and cover. The interior lining and exterior coating on the fire hose jacket is made from PVC nitrile. This extruded cover is highly chemical and abrasion resistant.

In addition to the practical protection afforded by the polymer cover, the layflat hose is protected from being stained by oils and dirt.

It is mainly used for:

  • Fire fighting
  • Wash-down
  • Dewatering
  • Water transfer
  • Irrigation

Rapier Lay Flat Fire Hose

Lay Flat Fire Hose Broucher

Assembly Wire Whipping Broucher

Lancer Hose 


Potable Flexible Hose is a versatile layflat hose which has multiple uses. It is an extruded hose with a polyurethane liner. The hoses polyurethane liner is potable water approved thus making the hose ideally suited for use with drinking water. The Potable Flexible Hose is easy to handle and clean and can be supplied with AS4020 approval for use with potable water for human consumption.


This high pressure layflat hose has an exterior cover protecting the weave. The synthetic polymer cover enhances the abrasion resistance and makes the hose chemical resistant. Usually the cover is blue but other colours can be used. The Potable Flexible Hose is easy to store and is also UV stabilised so it stands up well to prolonged outdoor use. This woven hose is made from polyester. The interior lining on the hose jacket is made from polyurethane. This lining is potable water approved to AS 4020.

  •      Suitable for extreme terrain
  •      Vertical & High pressure conditions
  •      Chemical and salt water resistant

Brouchure Lancer Hose 


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