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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Marine Fire & Safety Services


The marine industry presents many unique and dangerous hazards in terms of fire, safety and security. Protecting people and property on the seas requires specialised and tailored solutions.

FSS Code

What is the FSS Code?
The International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code) was adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at its seventy-third session in Decermber 2000, by resolution MSC.98(73), in order to provide international standards for the fire safety systems and equipment required by chapter 11-2 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention. 

The Code is made mandatory under SOLAS amendants to the Convention adopted by the MSC at the same session, by resolution MSC.99(73), and entered into force on 1 July 2002.          

About Us
Fire System Services works to and complies with the FSS Code - International code for Fire Safety Systems. 

Fire System Services is experience in supply, installation servicing of marine, naval and military fire protection safety systems.
We protect a number of large and valuable marine assets on board cruise liners, tankers, tugs, container ships, mega-luxury yachts and various types of naval vessels. 
In addition to fire protection, we are also experienced in life support and escape systems for the marine industry.

Our workshop capabilities also include re-certification and hydrostatic testing and refilling of serviceable cylinders and pressure vessels.

With our partner companies across Australia we are able to service most vessels in any port of calls with in Australian territorial waters.   


Maintenance capabilities includes:

Alarms & Evacuation Systems

Consilium is one of the worlds largest suppliers of fire and gas safety solution products. Consilium Marine has a big presence in the shipbuilding, shipping and the oil and gas industry.
Consilium is also well known for the brand Salwico.The product range of Salwico consists of Panels, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points, Flame Detectors, Radar Systems, Gas Detectors and Oil Mist Detectors.

  • Testing of detection and evacuation systems
  • Supply and installation of all detection devices
  • Yearly verification of ships fire control plans

Breathing Apparatus & Marine Cabinets

Breathing Apparatus  


  • Testing and Service of Marine Breathing Apparatus
  • Air Refills for all Breathing Apparatus sets    

Escape Sets

Escape Sets







  • Testing and Service of Marine Escape Sets








  • Replacement Batteries
  • EPIRB re-certification


Fire Control Plans

The Fire Control Plan is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS convention described in Regulation 15 of Chapter II. The fire control plan provides the ships crew information about fire station on each deck s, on various bulkheads, and in spaces enclosed by “A” class division, “B” class divisions. It also explains us the type of fire detection system and fire fighting systems available on ship.

Fire control plan tells the ships crew about various fire alarm systems, sprinkler installation, extinguishing appliances, means of escape to different compartments and decks, and ventilation system including particulars of remote operation of dampers and fans. The position of various dampers, their marking and which fan is for particular compartment or deck is also explained so that required damper and fans can be closed in case of fire.

  • Yearly verification of ships fire control plans

Fire Safety - Fire Extinguishers & Marine Cabinets

 SOLAS Approved Fire Extinguishers 

  • Sales of all types of SOLAS approved fire extinguishers
  • Testing and Certifying of all marine fire extinguishers
  • Refilling and Retesting of all marine fire extinguishers

Fire Safety - Fire Hoses & Accessories



  • Service of marine layflat fire hose and associated equipment
  • Pressure Testing and repairs to marine layflat fire hose

Gaseous Suppression Systems


  • Service to marine fire fighting gas systems
  • Liquid level testing 
  • Pressure testing and refilling services

Lifeboats & Davits










  • Associated Services to lifeboats

Life Raft Servicing - RFD & DSB

Life Raft Servicing, RFD











Our Life Raft Div "Pacific Australia Marine" is a licenced service provider for RFD & DSB
branded Life Rafts & Associated Equipment.
Following Life Raft brands that we are licenced to service and certify.

  • Beaufort
  • Ferryman
  • GLR
  • Life Guard
  • Sea Saver
  • Surviva 
  • Pacific

Cylinder Testing Services
Marine Grade 316 SS LPG Cylinders


  • Testing and certification to all associated marine cylinders including LPG "Propane' cylinders

Life Jacket Servicing










  • Life Jacket and inflation devices servicing 

Marine Flares & Distress Signals








  • Replenishment of all pyrotechnic safety equipment
  • Disposal of unwanted / expired pyrotechnic devices

FirePro Marine Aerosol Systems

  • System Testing 
  • Replenishment of expired or used cartridges 


Fire System Services is experianced working with : 


SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974

The SOLAS Convention is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships. The first version was adopted in 1914, in response to the Titanic disaster and the current version dates from 1974.

The main objective of the SOLAS Convention is to specify minimum standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships, compatible with their safety. Flag States are responsible for ensuring that ships under their flag comply with its requirements, and a number of certificates are prescribed in the Convention as proof that this has been done.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

Stiftelsen Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is a classification society organized as a foundation, with the objective of "Safeguarding life, property, and the environment". The organization's history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels.

Together with Lloyd's Register and the American Bureau of Shipping, DNV is one of the three major companies in the classification society business. DNV has its headquarters just outside Oslo in Norway and employs over 10,000 people in 300 offices in 100 countries.

Bureau Veritas (BV)

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is an international group specializing in the inspection, analysis, audit and certification of products, infrastructure (including ships) and management systems.

Recognised and accredited by major national and international organisations, Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of 1300 offices and laboratories. It has more than 48,000 employees and a client base of more than 370,000.

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd's Register provides quality assurance and certification for ships, offshore structures, and shore-based installations. However, it is best known for the classification and certification of ships, and inspects and approves important components and accessories, including life-saving appliances, marine pollution prevention, fire protection and navigation equipment.