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National Hydro - NDT Testing Services

Clients who are seeking Non Destructive Testing Services for their equipment, we offer various solutions. 

1. Dye Penetrant Testing


Dye Penetrant Testing


Dye penetrant inspection is a relatively simple process used to detect the presence of open to the surface discontinuities in components of all non-porous materials. The dye is coated onto the surface to be inspected and after a dwell time dependent on specification, during which the dye penetrates cracks etc, the excess is removed, the component, dried, developed and inspected. The dye penetrant systems used are of the fluorescent and visible red dye systems. The fluorescent is sub divided into water washable and post emulsifiable dependent upon sensitivity required and is generally used from aerospace, marine, LPG and other critical components.
The visible dye system is standard red dye used with relevant solvents for removal and developing.


2. Eddy Current Testing - Visual Eddy


Visual Eddy, NDT, Eddy Current Testing, SCUBA   


We are able to preform Eddy Current testing using the Visual Eddy equipment, which meets the requirements for DOT and Australian Standards AS2337 and AS2030 regarding cylinders manufactured using 6351 aluminium alloy.

Endorsed by major cylinder manufacturers, including Luxfer and Catalina, Visual Eddy is the best inspection technology you can buy today - and because of its exclusive software and versatile calibration features, Visual Eddy will be the equipment of choice for inspecting new aluminium alloys in the future.

Visual Eddy, the “smartest” eddy-current device available since it eliminates human error and clearly identifies all types of cylinder damage and defects.

More than an upgrade of existing technology, Visual Eddy offers all-new computerised features that make it the best tool for inspecting cylinders made from all types of aluminium alloys now in use, including popular 6061 aluminium alloys favored by major global cylinder manufacturers.

3. Ultrasonic & X-Ray Testing

We are able to arrange pipe, cylinders and pressure vessels to undergo Ultrasonic or X-Ray testing to examine the wall thickness or cracking within welds.
This can determine and find any pits, digs or loss of integrity to the original wall thickness of the item.