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Oxygen Inspections Testing & Cleaning


Fire System Services Inc National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services has been servicing the aviation community since 2005 in providing testing & inspections to oxygen cylinders upon aircraft.

We have adopted various methods for cleaning and inspecting oxygen cylinders within the workshop of meeting QA policies. 

Proper cylinder oxygen cleaning requires five basic elements...

  1. The use of special cleaning solutions designed to degrade hydrocarbons without introducing chemicals that would present a problem in breathing air.
  2. Some method of agitation that would break the hydrocarbons from within the oxygen cylinder to areas where it might cling to.
  3. A complete method of washing the oxygen cleaned cylinder after the cleaning process to remove any cleaning chemicals.
  4. A complete method of drying the oxygen cylinder after the cleaning process without introducing any foreign contamination. 
  5. A complete method of examining the dried oxygen cylinder internally upon completion for any foreign contamination.  

UV Light Inspection

To meet regulations pertaining to oxygen equipment inspections, the workshop has invested in various types of UV light sources. This enables us to inspected and certify multiple types of oxygen cylinders.    


Cylinder Drying

All oxygen cylinders after receiving an hydrostatic test or oxygen clean are required to be dried on an air source that will not introduce foreign matter into the cylinder which might pose a hazard for oxygen filling.
Our workshop activities allow us to dry oxygen cylinders on a 5 stage air filtration stainless steel apparatus eliminating any risk of contamination entering into the oxygen cylinder.       


Upon completion of service oxygen cylinders are bagged appropriately to prevent oxygen cylinders or equipment from being contaminated.        


Oxygen Equipment Cleaning


Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrasonic Cleaning, Oxygen, O2, Aviation, Biox Fluid

Soniclean Ultrasonic Baths

This type of cleaning has been introduced for various types of cylinder valve assemblies and parts.
By applying this type of cleaning service to our client's equipment we are confident that we will minimize loss of pressure due to dirty valves and seats, ensuring equipment will operate in time of need.

Introducing Biox into the ultrasonic cleaning method we are able to clean and certify various oxygen related equipment.

BIOX '02' Immersion Cleaning Solution

Biox Cleaning Services

Biox Fluid

Biological Biox '02' Immersion Solution is used for the cleaning of items used in the diving and breathing apparatus industry. It is ideal for removing salt water corrosion.

The results from just a quick exposure to Biox are quite amazing. You will be amazed.

This cleaning method has been introduced to accommodate clients in the Aviation industry and the Royal Australian Airforce who require Oxygen Cylinders to undergo a Hydrostatic Pressure Test. By cleaning these cylinders with Biox Fluid we can issue a certificate stating that the cylinder is safe for Oxygen use.

Biox '02' cleaning fluid is used by the Department of Defence, Military Establishments, Civil Aviation Industry, Off Shore Facilities and Diving Schools worldwide for the cleaning of oxygenated breathing systems and hyperbaric equipment.

It is a safe, non-toxic, economic and effective method of cleaning breathing apparatus and other hyperbaric pipework and systems.

These cleaning procedures have been used for many years by PADI instructors, Emergency Services & Military establishments and is rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Please note that Biox '02' liquid cleaning results are greatly enhanced when combined with the use of Ultrasonic cleaning method.

Biox '02' fluid is used as a matter of procedure by hyperbaric cleaning companies who have attained Det Norske Veritas (DNV) cleaning accreditation.  This accreditation has stringent testing requirements & qualifications are of the highest standard.

Methods of Use:

  • Remove all oil and grease from stripped down components prior to using Biox in order to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Immerse into Biox “O2” fluid for a period of time depending on degree of contamination. Biox can be diluted with water or used as a concentrate.
  • The cleaning process is accelerated either by raising the temperature or use in an Ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Once cleaned, remove components and rinse with distilled or purified water. Warm water is ideal for rinsing.
  • Sterilize if required.
  • Always work in an approved clean area.


  • Biox ‘O2’ fluid is not harmful to paint, chrome, textiles, PVC or rubber.
  • Biox ‘O2’ fluid should not be used on dissimilar metals. Clean each metal separately.
  • Biox ‘O2’ fluid is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable.
  • Prolonged exposure to sensitive skin may cause irritation. Gloves should be worn when using.

Biox '02' is approved by the following authorities:

  • Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • Thames Water Authority
  • National Water Council and Finnish Research Centre as being NonToxic, NonFlammable, NonHazardous
  • Approved for use with Tungum Alloy

NATO Nos: 0889/0473/6850-99-701-6845  & 0899/0473/6850-99-920-1435

Used for over 20 years in the Hyperbaric cleaning industry having excellent health & safety, ease of use and environmentally friendly.  We welcome you to the future of oxygen cylinder cleaning!