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National Hydro 
  Pipeline Testing Services



National Hydro Cylinder Testing Services Offers a full range in the field of Pipeline Testing Services.
Our Pipeline Testing Services is in accordance with AS2885, AS4041, AS2337.

Our hydrostatic testing equipment allows us to test as low as possible or as high as 100,000kpa / 100bar / 14,503psi for what ever test length the client requires.

Using state of the art pressure testing gauges and recording instrumentation such as  Crystal Engineering nVision Referance Recorder. The client can rest assure that the results achieved & recorded will meet all requirements under Quality Assurance.  


Partnering and working along side Adelaide Inspection Services we are able to provide our clients with NATA certification for all relevant NDT Pipeline Testing.  
Adelaide Inspection Services provide Mechanical Testing, Non-Destructive Testing [NDT], in-situ Heat Treatment, In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspection, Fabrication Inspection and Expediting Service from Project inception to commissioning, production and on-going maintenance.


Examples of Various Pipeline Testing

Stainless Steel Piping - Adelaide Desalination Plant

Test Pressure:  80,000kpa / 11,603psi / 800bar
Test Length: 30 minutes

Stainless Steel Pipework - Orica Water Care,  Reverse Osmosis Plant Qld mine site  

Test Pressure: 5000kpa / 725psi / 50bar
Test Length: 20 minutes


Stainless Steel Pipework Adelaide Desalination Plant

Test Pressure: 8200kpa / 1189psi / 82bar
Test Length: 30 minutes