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National Hydro - 
Hose Testing Services

National Hydro provides reliable and accurate testing and repair all Gas Delivery Hoses. In addition, we offer oxygen cleaning for oxygen delivery hoses.

Using precise digital test gauges we can ensure that all testing is quality controlled and the pressures will not go higher than what is required. 

All testing equipment is calibrated and certified to comply with ISO9001:2008.

The following information is recorded on test certificates which are supplied to the client.

  • Date of test
  • Test pressure
  • Working Pressure
  • Hose Description
  • Oxygen Cleaned

Breathing Air Hoses

National Hydro can conduct your yearly testing for all your Breathing Air Hoses.

For all Naval applications, We are able to test and certify ESBA (Emergency Supply Breathable Air) hoses and issue Data Logging certification for Quality Assurance.     


Gas Delivery Hoses

National Hydro is called upon by various liquified gas suppliers to certify, test and repair Gas Delivery Hoses.    


Hydraulic Hoses

National Hydro is called upon to conduct structural testing to hydraulic fluid lines which are fitted upon various machinery.  


Oxygen Cleaning

National Hydro Cylinder Testing offers oxygen cleaning services for all Oxygen gas delivery hoses, guaranteeing that the hose is free from any foreign chemicals or contaminants.  

  • Certifies Work Completed
  • Guarantees 100% testing, tagging, and security of completed product
  • Fully trained and experienced staff to not only clean assemblies - but also test, repair.
  • Complete work activity to comply with OH&S requirements, environmental standards in accord with our own quality control.