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Bjornax Smoke Emitters, Ventilax, Brandax, AX60, Smoke Pen


PLEASE NOTE: The smoke emitters are classified as Risk Group 1.4S, UN 0432 presently no permits or licenses are required to purchase or use them.  

Fire System Services is the Australian Importers and distributors of Bjornax smoke emitters.
If you are seeking to purchase colour smoke please don’t be fooled by cheaper Chinese imitation copies.
Chinese imitation smoke products may contain high levels of toxicity, the chemicals used within Chinese smoke emitters may be harmful.
Bjornax Smoke Emitters are the safest non-carcinogenic smoke emitters available within Australia, The smoke emitted contains no oils and is non-toxic.

We supply a range of smoke emitters which can be used for testing of smoke detectors or to watch air movement patterns.

The product has the same density as air so that it is possible to observe true air movement without the complicating factor of having to allow for the natural rise or fall of the smoke. Full instructions are provided in each pack. The pellets are also designed to burn in super clean environments such as Data Processing Centers & Nuclear Power Stations. The smoke cartridges produce a generous amount of smoke, which is emitted at a constant rate to help with the identification of flow patterns. They are economical and practical, and with the increasing emphasis on environmental and safety issues, they are finding an ever-widening range of applications.

If you are not sure you are buying Genuine Bjornax Smoke Products, please contact us for assistance.


ISO 14001



Bjornax AB is environmentally certified company according to ISO 14001 since 2000, and an active environmental commitment is part of their daily operations.



Smoke Emitter Usage

Suggested Uses for Smoke Emitters

  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Military Applications
  • Hobby Enthusiasts
  • Ventilation Studies
  • Movie Special Effects

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