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Smoke Pen

Product Code: Smoke Pen


Smoke Pen, Bjornax


  • Steady and continues smoke-stream, you decide smoke-duration.
  • Non-turbulent smoke-stream = extremely low thermal interference.
  • Reveals the smallest leakage or air-current.
  • Suitable for tests on gas-appliances, ventilation-systems, fume-hoods and smoke-detectors.
  • Reusable.
  • One unit contains over 60 tests at 30 seconds smoke-duration each or 30 minutes continues smoke - stream.
  • No corrosive or dangerous chemicals involved.
  • Product comes in a blister pack with:
    • 1pcs Smoke -Pen
    • 1 pcs Refill pack
  • Product is Patented.
  • Refill packs are designed for use with Smoke Pen Holder or Smart Smoke Test Kit

Smoke Pen. 




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