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Sales, service and maintenance of all fire safety equipment

Cylinder Filling Services


1. Breathable Air - SCUBA & Breathing Apparatus Filling

Fire System Services operates a high quality breathable air filling system, this allows us to refill
SCUBA & SCBA Cylinders. Our Breathing Air is of the highest quality, customers can be assured that it is safe to breathe.

Breathable Air filling services 



2. Inflation Cylinders

We regularly carry out work for the Department of Defence and cival aviation and marine for retesting and refilling life raft cylinders. 

Workshop activities include testing and refilling inflation cylinders such as Co2/Nitrogen life raft cylinders and also high pressure 4500psi helium composite cylinders used on helicopter emergency inflation skids.   


Co2 filling & life raft filling services    



3. Carbon Dioxide Filling


Fire System Services also stocks food grade grade CO2 for customers who require their home brewing cylinders refilled, We also refill other CO2 cylinders such as fire extinguishers, paintball cylinders even CO2 cylinders used for fish aquariums.          













4. Dry Chemical Powder Filling


Fire System Services operates two high quality stainless steel dry chemical powder refilling rigs. This equipment is specially designed for emptying, filtering and micronizing powder to fill extinguishers. This operation is done simply, quickly and cleanly. You will notice a grey neck collar fitted to the dry chemical fire extinguisher cylinder being refilled.

These collars are fitted to the cylinder as a QA method following pressure test & refill to prove that the extinguisher has been discharged & devalved. It is impossible to fit these neck collars to a cylinder unless it has been disassembled after discharging for test.  Collars are made of embossed UV resistant plastic and are stamped with the month and year of test.



5. Vehicle Fire Suppression Cylinders

Fire System Services carries out testing, refill's and valve overhauls for Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems.