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Thermal Imaging & Electrical Safety


Poor maintenance and incorrect usage of power boards can result in home and office fires endangering lives and causing considerable damage to property.

Home and Office Problems with power boards can arise from:

  • Overloading the power board.
  • Dust build up in the unsused points.
  • Power leads becomming dislodged over time, particulary under a desk where they are knock by feet.
  • Poor placement of power cables and extensions chords leading to the power board
  • In adequite ventilation or the power board preventing "normal" dissiptation heat generation.
  • Limited or no understanding of the amount of power being drawn by different appliances.
  • Heavy Plug-in transformers that will "over balance" and partially unplug, resulting in over heating from poor connections. 

Commercal and Industrial Electrical Safety Services

Fire System Services offers a scanning program that can detect potential fire hazards on low voltage switchboards.  

The new thermal imaging program uses thermo graphic camera technology to detect hotspots on low voltage switchboard equipment before they develop into faults, fires or explosions.  

Hotspots in switchboard equipment are invisible to the naked eye and create a serious risk for the business.  

The thermal scanning technology is particularly suitable for technology-intensive areas of shopping centres, factories, offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, industrial processing plants as well as data processing, financial information, computer and automation installations that draw heavily on such switchboards.  

The hotspots can be avoided by implementing the program as part of the business’ low voltage switchboard maintenance routine.  

A key advantage of the thermal imaging program is that the electrical switchboards need not be shut down during the scanning and involves non-intrusive inspection of company switchboards without any impact on site operations.  

A report is compiled using the data gathered from the inspection and details prioritised remedial works recommendations.   

Implementing an active thermographic program at any business facility helps to save time and money by eliminating safety hazards, unexpected equipment outages, business disruptions and costly repairs.    

Companies are more aware today of the benefits of thermographic scanning of low voltage switchboards. Many Companies are opt for a combination of thermographic scanning as well as a switchboard inspection and audit report to get an accurate assessment of their switchboards’ overall condition.  

Thermographic Scan Report  

A written colour-imaged Active Thermographic Program Report is provided after every inspection, detailing the equipment inspected, faults found, severity of the faults identified and recommendations on corrective actions.  

Early detection of hotspots allows for scheduled rectification works to be carried out on priority.    

Highlights of the report

  • Data is summarised and rectification recommendations are prioritised to provide the building manager a clear understanding of the condition of the switchboard
  • Faults are indicated with a full thermal image as Picture in Picture (PIP) of the standard photographic image, detailing the nature of the fault and the operating temperatures at the time of inspection
  • Interpretation of the data is provided by a qualified and certified thermographer

Fire System Services electrical technicians are highly experienced in switchboard equipment, switchboard remedial works, switchboard maintenance works and shutdown planning logistics.