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Uses for Smoke Emitters


Air Flow Studies 

With our range or regular smoke a service person can create a scenario were he can see all dead air movements. This usage is perfect for many industries especially Air conditioning Companies laying out Air Ducts for installation.






Training Smoke with Unique Possibilities

Gas accidents, Smoke Training, Pinpoint of Wind direction. We have smoke for Training and Real time accidents.









Training smoke for fire and rescue services is a high-tech product fulfilling the demands necessary for ensuring personal safety and creating a realistic exercise. Our training smoke has properties like smoke from a real fire: it expands from ceiling to floor, has powerful turbulence and produces an extremely realistic effect. Bjornax dark-grey smoke is a perfect choice for realistic fire drills and training exercises or disaster training with an emphasis on hazardous materials or poisonous gas. Smoke products are available in a wide assortment of colours to match the needs of the training exercise. Our grey-white smoke with or without perfume can be used for testing smoke control systems in atrium buildings and many other programs that involve periodic testing for smoke controlled buildings and fire drills. Björnax products are manufactured within strict tolerances and in sizes ranging from 30cubic feet to 18,000 cubic feet per emitter (0.7 to 400 cubic metres) and can withstand temperatures up to 400ºC (752ºF). Emitters can be provided in blue, red, white, yellow, orange and green.

Smoke Detector Testing

Fire Alarm Tests
Bjornax smoke emitters are the ideal product for real time testing of smoke alarms and smoke control systems in both residential and commercial settings. This type of smoke will trigger most smoke alarms and smoke detection systems. The smoke emitters are also helpful in smoke alarm or sensor placement prior to installation. A preliminary test can show how smoke will react in the structure and aid installation technicians in proper placement. Smart Smoke Test Kits are designed for use with Smoke Pen Refills.











Smart Smoke Kit promo 1

Smart Smoke Kit promo 2


The Smoke Testing Kit is designed to work in conjunction with Bjornax smoke emitters. The kit is provided with a durable road case & comes provided with an telescopic pole that extends up to six (6) metres to permit access to difficult areas. In addition hi density LED'S have been provided in the test hood for clearer viewing.

Aspirating System Testing

The smoke pens are the perfect tool for every service person to carry if they are involved with testing aspirating smoke detection systems such as Vesda.  
Key Features:

  • Economical.
  • Safe To Use.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Dose not damage lasers associated with aspiration systems.   


Smoke Matches
For testing smoke detectors, smoke matches are the economical and safe solutions. 


Smoke products for tests within HVAC and Plumbing

You can feel the air move. All your instincts and experience tell you where it is coming from or going to but you can't confirm it until you cam see it. To make the airflow patterns visible our coloured smoke is exactly the product to use. In confined areas or low light situations, for example checking for leaks in ducting, sewer lines or stack vents, a technician may not be able to find all the leaks from watching the smoke. The coloured smoke is ideal for this situation because it leaves a trace of the colour at the point of leakage. The technician can review the entire test area and pinpoint the leaks after the smoke as dissipated.

White smoke is highly reflective in daylight and artificially lit areas. This feature makes it ideal for photography. A preliminary smoke test enables you to effectively place instruments or photographic equipment in the optimum position. An airflow test using smoke, photographic, instruments and/or video equipment is ideal to provide an accurate evaluation.








Did you ever consider that colourising the air with smoke is the only way you can see the actual function of:

  • Turbulence around fume hoods
  • Duct mounted smoke detectors
  • Fume evacuation from gas heaters, etc
  • Ventilation in personal spaces
  • Ventilation in stables, poultry farms, etc
  • Positioning of smoke detectors
  • Leakage in ventilation systems
  • Leakage in drainage systems
  • Exhaust fans

Smoke for Leakage Testing and Flow Tests












Smoke testing chimneys has long been a true test of the integrity of a chimney. Bjornax smoke emitters provide the chimney expert with the perfect tool to test both masonry chimneys, lined and unlined, and stainless steel pre-fabricated chimneys. Using accepted procedures, the Bjornax smoke emitters provide a solid visual inspection of the chimney integrity or breaches where smoke and combustion byproducts, such as poisonous CO (carbon monoxide) or soot and ash are escaping the chimney or entering the structure.

Military Uses


These smoke products have played an important role for Defence Departments worldwide in connection with internal environment tests and even in military exercises, for example:

  • smoke signals and smoke screens
  • the superstructure of tanks and warships must provide complete protection against the smallest particles whether wet or dry
  • barracks and storerooms must provide sound inner environments for protection and comfort. During exercises our smoke can indicate improperly fitted gas masks without unnecessary health risks for the participants. Our perfumed smoke functions as a tracking gas: with the help of your nose, it immediately reveals leakage


Smoke Emitters are able to create stunning effects photography shoots.

Special Effects and Hobbies







Model Airplane Demo 1
Model Airplane Demo 2 (Not In English)

Our line of products satisfies most needs for creating a complete illusion of foggy woods, a house or car on fire and much more for use in the film industry. Our products are used even in electrical model planes for an effect that was earlier only possible with petrol-burning motors. You can even create coloured ribbons of smoke in the colour combinations of your choice. Golf and hunting are just two examples of outdoor activities in which checking the wind direction can be decisive for a successful result.














By directing the smoke and using certain colours fantastic SFX can be created . As you can see smoke being used to create clouds.


Product Comparison and MSDS

Click here to view a comparison chart & MSDS of smoke products