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Vesda Smoke Detection Systems


VESDA Air-sampling Smoke Detectors work by:

  1. Continually drawing air into a pipe network attached to a detector unit.
  2. Passing the air through a dual stage filter to remove dirt
  3. Sending the clean air to a laser detection chamber for smoke detection.
  4. Measuring the light scatter caused by any smoke
  5. Processing the detector signal and presenting the smoke level graphically
  6. Communicating the information to a fire alarm control panel,  a software management system or a building management system.

Preview the following two MPEGS to learn more about Vesda

How Vesda Works
View this short animation (Quicktime movie) showing how a VESDA smoke detection system works.

Very early warning smoke detection
Learn how VESDA provides the earliest possible warning of a fire by viewing this short animation (Quicktime movie).