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Visual Inspection Services


1. Optical Plus


Using an Optical Plus device we are able to magnify cylinder neck threads by up to 4 times which provides a clear view of any stress or cracks along the cylinder neck or wall during inspection.





2. Fibre Optic Illuminators


This illuminator casts an extremely bright light into a cylinder, enabling us to view the interior wall for surface corrosion or other defects.
Fibre Optic Illuminators are ideal for internally inspections of Intrinsically Safe environments such as LPG Cylinders.


  LPG Cylinder Testing



3. Video Bore scopes


A video Bore scopes will allow us to view aspects of cylinders which cannot normally be viewed by the naked eye or by using inspection mirrors.









4. Cylinder Rotator


The Cylinder Rotator was engineered to lift and carry large sized cylinders around the test shop, and also for emptying water after a hydrostatic pressure test. It can rotate a cylinder 360 degrees.











5. Cylinder Dryer


Our custom designed heavy duty cylinder dryer supplies up to 3600 Litre of air per minute 
with cold or variable hot air temperatures ranging from 30 - 250 degrees Celsius.
It will completely dry a standard SCUBA Cylinder with in 2 minutes.