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Water Mist - Amerex


Water Mist Fire Extinguishers  

Amerex Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

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WATER MIST is the ultimate extinguisher for Class A fires and where a potential Class E (electrical) hazard exists. The fine spray from the unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock, greatly enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the agent and reduces scattering of burning materials.

The Amerex Water Mist extinguishers contain de-ionized water (sold separately) making them the best extinguishers for protection of hospital environments, valuable books and documents, telecommunication facilities and “clean room” manufacturing facilities. The Amerex WaterMist extinguishers are easy to use, maintain, and service.


• Painted Stainless Steel (304L) Cylinders

• Stored Pressure Design

• All metal Valve Construction

• No ODP or Global Warming Concerns

• No EPA phase out or restrictions

• De-ionized water extinguishant agent

• U.L Listed

• US Coast Guard Approved


For water mist fire extinguishers to function correctly and safely on energised electrical equipment, they must ONLY be filled with de-ionized water. 
If you are not sure that your that your water mist fire extinguishers are being serviced as per manufactures specifications or for all maintenance requirements,  please contact us for assistance