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Why Cylinders Should Be Tested

Occasionally we get asked why does my cylinder have to be tested?
It looks OK, it doesn't get used much, why should I spend my money?

The below incidents tells it all, All pressurised cylinders are dangerous!


Life Boat Explosion

During an inspection of a Company's vessels, the Surveyor showed the attached pictures which were taken after an incident took place on another Company's vessel (he didn't disclose name of the Company or the vessel's name).

As you can see, it occurred due to a gas bottle exploding in a lifeboat during the process of charging it up from the Breathing Apparatus Air Compressor.

The Master of the vessel was in proximity of the lifeboat and he was very seriously wounded. The vessel was 8 years old. The bottle was quite old with different numbers/dates.


The following You Tube clip shows you the dangers of pressurised cylinders.
E size O2 Cylinder Explosion

02 Cylinder Explosion

Aluminium Scuba Cylinder Manufacturing

Swiss Valve Removal 'by Lump Hammer' on 300bar cylinder

British Scuba Cylinder Valve knocked off by lump hammer spoof TV advert

Luxfer Gas Cylinders Promo Clip


 BOC Guidelines for Cylinder Safety